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Every couple can make smart financial decisions.

You work hard. You have dreams. You’re building a life.
And you have an incredible partner to build it with.

The two of you deserve to have your financial house in order.

You deserve to have a clear picture of how much you’re bringing in and where it goes. You deserve to have more savings than the average American.

You deserve to have honest and productive conversations about your vision of your future and what that means for how you should manage your money today.

You deserve to have a concrete financial plan.

We’re here to help.


Young and In Love

You're Young + Partnered Up

Live Together
Plan to Get Engaged
Committed Without Marriage
You Care About Your Finances

You Care About Your Finances

You understand the importance of taking care of your money so that it can take care of you. You want to get your financial house in order, and you want to start now.

You Act as a Team

You recognize that teamwork makes the dream work. You know that working together on your money in a productive and positive way is the best path forward.


1  —  Get a free financial compatibility assessment.

What is this?
Our complimentary assessment is a deep dive into your “money brain.” It measures you and your partner on 5 parameters of financial compatibility by analyzing how you think about money.

What do I have to do?
No brain scans or electrodes! Just a series of multiple choice questions. This typically takes 30 minutes for each partner to complete separately.

You’ll walk away with:
A 30+ page report with each of your individual assessments across the 5 areas of your “money brain,” a comparison of your answers showing where you overlap and differ along with your compatibility scores, and your next steps for managing money together.



2  —  Work with a personal financial trainer to get your joint finances in order.

What is this?
To help couples like you whip your finances into shape, we’ve built a personal financial trainer program called SageCouple Academy.

What do I have to do?
We’ll give you the tools and motivate you weekly by phone or Skype. You do the homework together in between our sessions.

You’ll walk away with this and more:

  • A personal balance sheet and income statement.
  • Short-term and long-term goals that come from your life vision.
  • Actionable next steps to reach your goals.
  • A budget you can actually stick to.
  • A financial tracker so you always know where you stand.