Hey Baby, What’s Your…Credit Score?

Talk About Money

A friend recently told the story that on his second date with his now-fiancee he asked her this question:

What’s your credit score?

A second date is probably too early to dig into each other’s financial histories. However, this friend had the right instincts. This question was important to him, and since he felt comfortable enough to ask, he forged ahead.

This wasn’t exactly a romantic way to steer the conversation, but they actually had a good talk. They shared stories of past relationships where their significant others had money troubles that affected them. They realized they were on the same page about how to manage their finances. It was a surprising conversation to have this early on, but a good one.

Many people would be turned off if they got this question on date number two.

Who is this weirdo asking me my credit score?

But what about after a couple of months of dating?

When is it the right time to talk about finances with your partner?

Some data suggests that about half of people broach the subject in the first year. Interestingly, some people don’t talk about money until they’re engaged or married.

The timing of when you discuss money depends on the two of you and your relationship – there’s not one right answer. However, let’s put a stake in the ground: you need to talk about finances before you move in together or get engaged, and ideally well before that.

How long into your relationship did you talk to your partner about money? Leave a comment below!

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