Free Assessment


Our free assessment measures you on 5 parameters of financial compatibility by analyzing your “money brain.”

No brain scans or electrodes! Just a series of questions and our behind-the-scenes magic.



How it Works


1. Complete Questionnaire

Complete our multiple choice “Money Brain” questionnaire. You and your significant other will each fill out your own survey. Most people take about 30 minutes to answer all 78 questions.


2. Receive Free 30+ Page Report

Within 3 business days, we analyze your answers against your partner’s across 5 parameters of financial compatibility and email you a customized report of your results.


3. Organize Your Joint Finances

Once you know your money brain, you’re ready to organize your joint finances. Enroll in the SageCouple Academy 4 Week Program for weekly check-ins with a personal financial trainer.



Our Methodology

Money Brain

Financial Upbringing

The financial circumstances in which you grew up and your family’s role in your financial education.

Financial Literacy

Your knowledge of basic financial concepts that enable you to manage your personal finances.

Outlook on Money

Your outlook includes your feelings and deep-rooted beliefs about money and the role in plays in your life.

Financial Habits

The set of practices that you use to manage your money on a daily basis (or lack thereof).

Life Vision

This encompasses your hopes and dreams for the future, including your financial expectations.

How It All Comes Together

In our questionnaire, we ask you a series of questions on each of the 5 parameters. Then, we score your answers in order to provide you with insight on the following questions:

How well did my family educate me about money?


How well do I know financial concepts?


What role does money play in my life?


How well do I manage my money?


Note that we don’t score your answers to the Life Vision section of the questionnaire. You can’t put a score on hopes and dreams!

Once we receive a completed questionnaire from both you and your significant other, we compare your answers. We analyze how much of an overlap you have across the 5 parameters and where your key differences lie.

We then provide you and your significant other with a full report by email that includes:

  1. Your answers to each question, your scores and a detailed assessment of your financial literacy and habits
  2. Your significant others’ answers, scores and detailed assessment
  3. A comparison of your and your significant other’s answers
  4. Compatibility scores for each of the 5 parameters
  5. Next steps for managing your money together